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Sophie. 'Jimmy'. 'Mouse'. 27. London, UK.
Music graduate, piano tutor, freelance music photographer, fulltime geek.

Optimist, pacifist, adventurer, comfortador.

90% fandom, 10% otherstuff.

Really, really into:
Star Wars, digital painting, and Savages.
...right now.

Interests (118):

"sit the fuck down!!!!11!!!!1", 'living for music', \../, \\./, abandoned buildings, absinthe, accents, adventures, androgynously beautiful males, architecture, baclava, bass, boris johnson, brian molko, carpe diem baby, cars, chocolate coated coffee beans, classic rock, clerkenwell, cocktails, coffee and conversations, converse, cowboy boots, cult movies, decay, depth of field, distortion, download festival, dreams, driving, drums, dylan moran, early morning sunshine, eloquence, elvish, england, femininity, festivals, freckles, gary oldman, gender fuckery, gigs, gin, glam rock, glowsticks, greece, guitar, guys with long hair, hair metal, hands, history, islington, jack daniels, jagermeister, johnny rotten, keeping fit, knowledge, last summer,, legs, life outside the internet, london, londoners, menthol cigarettes, monty python, nancy boys, nature, neil gaiman, nights that last forever, old cameras, old school tattoos, paganism, paris, penguins, photography, piano, piercings, politics, poppy z. brite, primrose hill, reading, reading festival, roadtrips, saint jimmy, sauntering vaguely downwards, shit cameras, shoreditch, sid vicious, sirius black, ska, ska punk, skanking, skating, skiathos, slackening ties, slash (the guitarist), sleaze, souvenir gig bruises, spontaneity, sunshine, sushi, tea and sympathy, tenor voices, thai food, that fucking scene, the apocalypse, the british empire, the glastonbury shuffle, trains planes and automobiles, travelling, true slack, typography, urban exploration, vietnamese food, walls of noise, watery winter skies, wine, writing
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